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Pink diamond ring gold frames for your big day

Diamonds are the most precious thing to buy for yourself and for your loved ones. However, there are a lot of kinds and colors of diamonds to evaluate the quality and price of a diamond. Diamonds are available in different colors including yellow, brown, red, blue, green, pink and black. On the other hand, you can choose from naturally grown diamonds or man made diamonds. Naturally grown diamonds are way more precious and rare than lab grown diamonds. Pink diamonds are also the rarest kinds of diamonds that look stunning. Very few pink diamonds are produced each year, so they are very precious and beautiful. pink diamond ring gold base looks so stunning that it can make a wonderful gift for your loved one on your big day.

How do diamonds get their pink color?

A lot of factors influence the color of a diamond. Required elements in a chemical composition are most important for diamond coloring. Presence of nitrogen makes the diamond color yellowish. On the other hand, black diamonds are produced by iron impurities and severe graphite. Pink diamonds are available in the range of light pink to reddish pink color. However, the cause behind a pink diamond is still unknown making it the rarest and precious one.

Pink diamond buyer’s guide

When you want to buy a diamond, always remember a few things to make your purchase valuable

  • Carat weight

Carat weight is associated with the size of a diamond. A larger diamond will have more carat weight making it more expensive.

  • Cut

The cut of the diamond is also very important to evaluate its quality. If the diamond is cut by an expert, it will make it more vivid and precious.

  • Clarity
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Clarity shows how many inclusions or blemishes are present on a diamond stone. The diamond with no blemishes will be ranked higher in clarity making it more expensive.

  • Color

The color intensity is also considerable when evaluating the value of a diamond. The deeper hue of pink color makes the diamond more valuable and rare.

Pink diamond price

There are a lot of factors to consider to check the cost of a diamond. Rarity is the most important thing when pricing a diamond. Pink diamonds are the rarest kinds of diamonds making them really expensive. Size and quality will also affect the price of a diamond. Another factor that affects the price of a diamond is chemical or heat treatment. If the diamond has endured heating or chemical treatment to enhance its color and beauty, it will become more expensive. Similarly, a brilliantly cut diamond will be more expensive than a poorly cut diamond.

Pink diamond ring with gold frame

Pink diamond ring can be such a lovely gift for your loved one to show your love and affection. Pink diamond ring gold frames can make a brilliant choice because gold frames enhance the appearance of pink diamond making it more vivid and enchanting. You can choose a plain gold ring to focus on the beauty of the pink diamond.

How to keep your pink diamond shine long lasting?

Pink diamonds can be kept with special care to secure their brightness and charm. You should keep them in a soft cloth pouch rather than a plastic container or hard metal box. Hard material can scratch the diamonds, decreasing its value and beauty. You can also clean your pink diamond with warm water and mild soap. Never use harsh chemicals to avoid damaging the diamond. If you want to keep your diamonds sparkling, you can have them cleaned by a professional once a year. 

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So, pink diamonds are really beautiful and precious making them a perfect gift for your loved ones. Pink diamond ring gold frames will also make your diamond look more appealing. A gold frame will enhance the pink color and it will look really amazing. Pink diamonds are difficult to find, however you can get them from Flawless Fine Jewelry at a very reasonable price. You can get perfectly cut pink diamonds in different sizes to choose from. Get your desired sized pink diamond ring with a gold frame to increase the beauty of the pink color.