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What is teosyal?

Teosyal is a full range of dermal fillers for global and personalized treatment of the face and it’s made from non-animal origin and non-biodegradable hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an essential skin component that keeps the skin moisturized, plumped, and healthy. It can be used all over the face including the lips, cheeks,  forehead, and the delicate skin around the eyes and also the neck and the neckline. Teosyal performs different tasks and is branded according to its functions as follows:

  1. Volumizers 

Volume loss is one of the most noticeable signs of aging and thus volumizing dermal fillers are necessary for injectors. The teosyal volumizers are used for both volume creation and volume recovery for patients experiencing volume loss in noticeable such as the jawline, cheekbones chin jawlines, and temples. Using the fillers can help redefine facial outlines, fill deep wrinkles and sculpt the facial contour.

  1. Enhancers

Designed to slow the early signs of aging and boost the skin. They usually leave the users refreshed and hydrated. Teosyal; Redensity 1; is designed to prevent wrinkles and rehydration of the face, neck, and neckline.

iii. Essentials 

The teosyal essential targets are deep lines and Global action and they target key patient concerns such as marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and glabella wrinkles. Deep lines focus on the most prominent wrinkles and it’s injected in the deep dermis while Global action works on the simplified filling of the moderately pronounced wrinkles in the mid–dermis. Visit Order Teosyal Online for more information.

  1. Specifics
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It is difficult to heal specific areas of the face just with a dermal filler and thus Teosyal developed two specific fillers that treat specific affected areas alone. Kiss and Redensity 2 are specifically designed to treat one specific area of the face while making it easier to use the injector. Kiss adapts well to the lips’ mobility and is easier to inject while Redensity 2 works on other parts of the face that are fragile. Redensity 2 is diffused into the skin tissue while the implant is being reabsorbed and these characteristics ensure that the optimal level of hydration is maintained this leads to effective working and leads to a long–lasting improvement in the skin’s elasticity.

  1. Kiss

o Puresense kiss

Its treatment is to fill the contour and increase the volume of the lips and correct medium to deep wrinkles in the corners of the mouth.

o Puresense ultimate

It serves as a treatment for adding volume to facial tissue in areas such as the cheeks, chin, and other areas of volume loss and thus facial contours are remodeled.

o: Puresense ultra-deep

Works on the cheeks and upper cheeks by refining the contours of the face and filling deep wrinkles in the thick skin of the face.

  1. Redensity 

Redensity 1

Serves as a prevention for wrinkles and rehydration of the face, neck, and neckline.

Redensity 2

Serves as a treatment for even filling of lines, superficial wrinkles, and fine wrinkles and for correction of any areas of the skin that are attacked by any signs of aging.

  1. Dynamics 
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With Teosyal RHA, hyaluronic acid has gone through an innovative manufacturing process that developed the first resilient hyaluronic acid dedicated to facial dynamism giving the patient a natural look of facial movement with these dynamic fillers.

  • RHA1

It’s designed to fill wrinkles and skin is a mix of cross-linked and non-cross-linked Hyaluronic  Acid with 0.3% lidocaine and 1.9% degree of modification.

  • RHA2

It’s designed to fill line wrinkles on the face such as nasolabial folds.

  • RHA3

It’s designed to fill deep wrinkles in areas such as the nasolabial folds.

  • RHA4

It’s designed to fill deep wrinkles in thick skin on the face.

The expert toolbox

The expert toolbox combines the RHA dermal filler with Teosyal filler to give the best results. They are combined as follows:

  • 4 dynamic fillers
  • 2 fillers for specific indications 
  • 1 deep volumizer
  • Color-coated syringes for ease of use

Where to shop Teosyal?

Teosyal can be bought on the TEOSYAL portfolio which is divided into families, gathering products with similar treated areas and indications. Most products on the TEOSYAL line are available with or without anesthetic.TEOSYAL PureSense offers the addition of lidocaine to ensure optimal comfort throughout the injection session.