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Lifeguard Training

Why is Lifeguard Training so Popular Right Now?

As the weather warms up across the nation, more and more people are enrolling in lifeguard training classes through American Lifeguard Events and other providers. Over the past year, there has been a noticeable surge in interest for lifeguard certification. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key reasons behind this spike in popularity for lifeguard training courses.

Job Opportunities Galore

One of the primary motivators is the abundant job opportunities that come with being a certified lifeguard. As we move into the summer season, aquatic facilities face increased demand and require more trained staff to ensure safety. This creates large numbers of seasonal lifeguard positions that need to be filled quickly.

Individuals seeking short-term, flexible employment tend to flock to lifeguard training jobs which offer competitive pay, a chance to work outdoors, and the ability to earn while having fun on the job. Some students even opt to delay returning to school in the fall so they can take full advantage of lifeguard hours available throughout summer break.

With lifeguard shortages widespread, those who complete training are essentially guaranteed work wherever needed. Places like pools, waterparks and beaches happily hire newly certified individuals, giving prospective lifeguards the attractive benefit of obtaining a stable summer job shortly after certification. The promise of easy employment makes lifeguard training hugely appealing right now.

Pandemic Impact on Outdoor Activities

After coping with lockdowns and restrictions for over a year, people are anxious to safely enjoy summer pursuits and time outside. Hitting the pool and beach are top choices for recreational activities that align with health guidelines.


However, with larger crowds expected than ever at swimming areas, safety precautions are top of mind. Many see becoming a lifeguard as a way to ensure not just their own well-being in aquatic environments but also assist others if needed. The ability to gain lifesaving skills and provide an important community service also motivates some.

The practical, hands-on education offered through lifeguard training filled a gap during periods when indoor classes were cancelled or limited. As a result, a portion of those signing up report pandemic impacts as a key driver for pursuing certification and helping address community needs.

Growing Recognition of Water Safety

Another driving force behind rising enrollments is a strengthening national awareness of how crucial water safety education really is. Each summer, the tragic deaths of children and teens from non-supervised drowning incidents occurs across the country, many of which could have been prevented with proper safety measures and supervision.

More individuals now view becoming a lifeguard as an impactful way to obtain the knowledge and abilities to directly save lives. Whether they ultimately use their certification professionally or simply want to be prepared to help in emergencies, taking the course seems like a highly valuable investment of time and effort.

National nonprofits, pools/waterparks and organizations like American Lifeguard Events are boosting marketing efforts to underscore the career benefits and volunteer importance of lifeguards while promoting Water Safety Month this May. These strategies seem to resonate as interest in training classes intensifies.

Sustaining Increased Interest

If recent numbers are a strong indication, 2022 may very well become the peak year on record for Americans completing lifeguard certification courses all across the nation. As communities comprehend the value of water safety education now more than ever and COVID recovery continues emphasizing outdoor activities, even greater amounts of individuals are anticipate to enroll in classes companies like American Lifeguard Events provide near them.

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Candidates express diverse motivations including jobs, helping others, skills development and potentially pursuing new career avenues. With so many positive driving factors behind this rise in popularity, it seems heightened interest in pursuing lifeguard training will sustain far into the foreseeable future.

Continued Impact of COVID-19

While the pandemic pushed many aspects of our lives online over the past two years, it’s clear that its aftermath has significantly increased our collective desire to spend more time actively participating in outdoor activities and socializing in person.

With health restrictions now lifted for the most part, people have been making the most of warmer weather by flocking back to pools, beaches and water parks in high numbers. However, after so long spent apart, many individuals may be a bit rusty on water safety protocols.

This is why becoming a newly certified lifeguard could be a particularly attractive option now – it allows candidates to refresh and update their own lifesaving skills while playing a role in ensuring the wellbeing of others enjoying aquatic recreation.

Earning certification through extensive hands-on training also provides comfort knowing one is fully prepare to respond appropriately in any emergency situation that may arise near or in the water. Especially for parents whose children are eager to enjoy summers like years past, this peace of mind is hugely valuable.

Wellness and Skill Development Benefits

On a personal level, many cite mental and physical wellness goals as motivators for pursuing lifeguard certification currently. After a stressful few years for most, the hands-on training incorporates important movement and staying sharp both mentally and physically.

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The courses taught by American Lifeguard Events and other leading providers require stamina, problem-solving capabilities and working efficiently under pressure – all skills applicable professionally but also contributing to an overall sense of competency and confidence.

Potential candidates mention testing their capabilities and bettering themselves as internal drivers. By signing up, these individuals are essentially investing in their own enrichment through a uniquely challenging yet rewarding educational experience.

In Closing

I hope this extensive article provided valuable insights into why interest and enrollment in lifeguard training courses has surged nationwide over the past year. The opportunities, wellness benefits, pandemic impacts and strong focus on water safety awareness have clearly resonated with many seeking invaluable credentials through American Lifeguard Events and other top providers.

As we enter the peak of summer, the need for trained lifeguards at pools, beaches and waterparks will be at its highest. I’m sure organizations like ALE will stay busy ensuring as many new candidates as possible can earn certification to fill important roles, whether professionally or on a volunteer basis. They truly are saving lives. Read more information click here.