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The market landscape is seeing a shift towards more application usage. This introduces the concept of getting a wearable app development company for you.

Is Investing in Wearable App Development Worth the Profit in 2024? 

The market landscape is seeing a shift towards more application usage. This introduces the concept of getting a wearable app development company for you. If you plan to offer users an application they can trust on the go? Then apps are the ones to invest in. But want to know the factors that may affect their cost of development? Let’s dive in. 

An overview of wearable app development 

Multiple device types offer different benefits. And as the name suggests wearables are devices that you can wear as an accessory. But are these gadgets just devices? These are ‘smart devices’ connected to mobile phones to exchange data smoothly.  

And wearable applications receive data from these wearable devices. These applications have complete access to hardware and OS. Get a wearable app development company to assist you. And the sensors in them have the data transfer for desired results. 

These wearables aren’t always in the shape of watches. It can be fitness bands, trackers, glasses, and more. Also, we will see the rise of such gadgets shortly.  

Some of the well-known wearable devices 

Here are the popular types of wearable platforms used on an everyday basis.  


You might know about the highly-used gadget in daily life. Smartwatches reduce the hassles of tapping phones every second. These devices flawlessly manage these multiple tasks. Such as receiving messages, and notifications, tracking activities, setting up alarms, etc. 

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Fitness trackers  

These portable devices monitor and track activities. So, these gadgets give a peek inside the complete health condition of the user. Such as calories burned, heart rate, number of steps, etc. Or get a wearable app development company to assist you. Nowadays, fitness trackers offer similar features as your smartphones.  

Head-mounted displays  

VR glasses or displays offer a vivid use of the smart wearable device. We can use monitors and offer users AR and VR. So, the integration of such latest technology increases the popularity of wearables.  

Smart jewelry  

It is one of the prominent yet trendy styles of using wearables.  

the most prominent example of smart jewelry is smart rings. This tiny health tracker and fashion accessory helps to track the fitness journey easily.  

Factors that affect the wearable app development cost 

Here are some of the factors that affect the wearable app’s total cost. 

Extensive research 

Research remains the crucial pointer for any application development. As it helps to understand the market demands and target users. So, this helps you get the necessary information about the application. It will help to define application design and structure. This research helps to consider the time and effort. As it helps you get to know the complete charges for the development.  

UI design  

The design of any wearable app must be attractive. So, you must choose the best design to build the customized solutions. You must know how your users will interact with the UI design. Even a mobile app development company can you. If you take an example of smartwatches you will think about:- 

  • watch face 
  • voice commands 
  • notifications 
  • independent native applications 
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Voice commands 

You can integrate the latest voice commands to offer the latest integrations. Also, this feature helps the users to use their voice to operate seamlessly. The commands offer to open the features for the users to initiate any command. 


The application notifications help to display the data as contextual and movable. Get a wearable app development company for your assistance. As, this helps you to reply on time, search for new locations, or play your favorite song. 

Target platforms 

Then you must find out your desired platform. As you have to find the hardware and software you want to target with wearable. Plus, it will help you select the best platform as per your user’s choice. So, compare the platforms like iOS or Android. Or choose the best of both worlds. Try to compare and conclude the benefits you will get from either of the platforms. Building wearables with iOS is speedier and more efficient than Android. Majorly, the idea is to offer the app based on the widely used platform. 

Final development  

After discussing the design and platform we get to the final stage. And development of wearable apps is different from other applications. If you choose the Android you will get fewer interactions. But will offer APIs to leverage the features of a smartwatch. While iOS is quite selective with its usage. So, you may get the best API in the latest iOS version to support watch applications. 

Post maintenance 

Wearable applications are quite prone to unexpected glitches, downtime, and errors. Also, it becomes crucial to get the Wearable app development company for more support. So, it is also for essential reasons you should get post-maintenance support. The support services help to keep your application updated and free from failures. So, the support services help to keep your application updated with all the latest integrations. It even supports the high road on your application.  

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Location of the app development team 

Finding the right team for your wearable app development solution. So, you must hire the people as your budget allows. Here are some hourly rates to get your dedicated developers from different regions: 

  • India – between $10 and $75 per hour 
  • Eastern European region – between $20 and $110 per hour 
  • South American region – between $25 and $120 per hour 
  • Australia – between $35 and $150 per hour 
  • The UK – between $35 and $175 per hour 
  • North America – between $20 and $250 per hour 

Wearable app categories: cost estimate 

Here’s a rough average cost range of different app categories:  

  • A Fitness app like Fitbit – between $ 28,000 and $ 35,000 
  • An app like Starbucks – between $ 70,000 and $ 100,000 
  • A media-sharing app like Instagram – between $ 120,000 and $ 150,000 
  • An app like Airbnb – between $ 140,000 and $ 200,000 
  • An eCommerce app – between $ 200,000 and $ 250,000 


Wearable applications are everywhere in no time. And everyone praises their quality and portability. So, these extensive features will cost you more than expected. You can consider a mobile app development company for your projects.