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Used furniture buyers

How to buy and sell Used Furniture safely: tips and tricks to prevent fraud

There is a lot of supply and demand for Used Furniture and vintage: clothes, toys, furniture, etc. Used Furniture has also been a classic in classifieds for years. What should you pay attention to as a buyer or seller? Here are our tips if you don’t want to be cheated when buying or selling Used Furniture items. Online, at a flea market, at a garage sale.

Booming market

More and more people are buying or selling things that have already had a first life. This ranges from clothes, toys, and decorative items to a smartphone or tablet and a car.

Why buy or sell Used Furniture?

The benefits of buying or selling Used Furniture are almost countless. Reselling items can provide some extra income, although there are often not many offers for Used Furniture items. But other factors play a role:

  • Growing environmental awareness. Some people want to consume less and throw away fewer things that are still in good condition. 
  • More attention to repairing items, recycling to extend their lifespan, or even upcycling materials. 
  • The evolution in technology and communication. You no longer have to spend a whole day at a Used Furniture fair or a flea market to sell your surplus items, simply posting a few photos online is sufficient.

Rules for buying or selling secondhand

Here we will first help you with the basic rules of buying and selling Used Furniture Dubai. Because you must know your rights and obligations. For example, can the buyer still change his mind after the purchase? Who decides how the purchase should be paid for? Does the legal warranty apply? What if the package was sent but it did not arrive? 

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In addition, we focus on some specific aspects depending on whether you are dealing with a private Used Furniture seller or a professional Used Furniture seller. With special attention to flea markets, online platforms for Used Furniture sales, Used Furniture cars, and refurbished high-tech equipment.

If you too care deeply about the importance of combating the throwaway economy, we would like to refer you to our podcast Let your stuff live longer.

Our tips for buying or selling Used Furniture

As a preview, some general tips. Mainly to warn you against possible rogue sellers/buyers.

Our advice for buyers

  • Preferably buy in your area. This allows you to visit the product live and pay in cash. It saves you the delivery costs and avoids any problems with that delivery. 
  • Take your time to collect the necessary information about your purchase: ask for the purchase invoice, additional photos, etc. Never give your agreement before you have an idea of ​​the full price, the method of payment, and the method of delivery. 
  • Be wary if the seller appears to be in a hurry. 
  • For a cash payment for a not-too-small amount, ask for a receipt.
  • Preferably buy online from a seller with a good reputation. On some online platforms, you can check this because buyers can assign a score to the seller (usually one to five stars). 
  • Only provide your payment details or bank card number online in the secure section of the website of Use Furniture Buyers in Dubai. Never respond to a seller’s request to make a small payment “to verify your details”, that is invariably the start of abuse. 
  • If an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is and there is undoubtedly a catch.
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Our advice for sellers

  • Be correct in the description when you offer something to avoid discussions afterward.
  • If you use an online platform to offer your items for sale, read the rules of the platform thoroughly in advance. 
  • Put the agreement in writing if it concerns a certain value. Especially for expensive items, consider an arrangement where the buyer can view the item in advance and where payment and collection are done from person to person. 

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