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Fernbank Science Center

Fernbank Science Center: Atlanta’s Gateway to the Wonders of Science


Commencing with a locale nestled in the heart of Atlanta, the Fernbank Science Center Atlanta stands as a luminous testament to scientific exploration and pedagogy. Through avant-garde planetarium spectacles, captivating exhibits, and an unwavering commitment to fostering a passion for science. Fernbank has burgeoned into a cherished establishment, captivating both denizens and visitors alike. This discourse delves into the enthralling historical narrative, pioneering educational initiatives. The inspiring encounters render Atlanta’s Fernbank Science Centre a paramount hub for unearthing the marvels of science.

A Historical Overview:

Established in 1967, the Fernbank Science Center boasts a storied legacy of providing pragmatic scientific tutelage to the Atlanta community. Initially conceived as an integral facet of the DeKalb County School System, it swiftly evolved into a communal nexus for science enthusiasts spanning all age groups. Over time, Fernbank has fortified its stature as a preeminent scientific haven by expanding its facilities and augmenting its programs.

Exhibits that Ignite Curiosity:

Encompassing an array of interactive exhibits designed to kindle curiosity and immerse visitors in diverse scientific realms. The Fernbank Science Center’s displays span a gamut of subjects—from biology and geology to physics and astronomy. Prominent showcases include the Jim Cherry Memorial Planetarium, delivering immersive experiences propelling viewers into the celestial expanse, and the Space Science Exhibit, spotlighting meteorites and celestial phenomena.

Planetarium Shows:

The Jim Cherry Memorial Planetarium, adorned with cutting-edge technology, stands as one of Fernbank’s crowning achievements. Visitors of all ages can partake in riveting programs amalgamating education and entertainment, unraveling complex scientific concepts with clarity. A voyage through the solar system or an in-depth exploration of the enigmas surrounding black holes are merely two of the indelible planetarium escapades awaiting at Fernbank.

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Education and Outreach:

Fostering an ardor for scientific education ranks as a foremost objective for the Fernbank Science Center. Collaborating with educators and schools, the center orchestrates curricular standards-aligned enrichment programs and resources to enhance classroom learning. Beyond conventional museum visits, Fernbank orchestrates special events, camps, and workshops, affirming its commitment to instilling a lifelong love for learning.

Community Engagement:

The Fernbank Science Center actively engages with the community beyond its confines, orchestrating events and seminars. Outreach endeavors to disseminate the thrill of scientific discovery to a broader audience. Ensuring science becomes a shared endeavor, Fernbank endeavors to make its programming inclusive and accessible, inspiring everyone to partake in the wonders of exploration.


The Fernbank Science Center stands as a testament to the significance of accessible scientific education and the resilience of curiosity. Motivating learners of every age, Fernbank serves as Atlanta’s gateway to the marvels of science. Whether you’re a scholar poised to delve into the cosmic wonders or a family seeking a day of interactive learning. The center’s unwavering commitment to sparking scientific curiosity assures that the marvels of science remain within reach for all, even as it gazes toward the future.